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Green Energy Sustainability.

Europe's Hydrogen Roadmap

HydroStar - a Multi-Market-Fit

Flexibility and Expandability coupled with low-cost GREEN Hydrogen production are the key differentiators that make HydroStar and the HydroPod distinctive in the market.


The HydroPod goes further; providing a platform for large scale, power utilities with excess electricity, to transfer that power cost-effectively across industry sectors to even supplying a sustainable power source to an African community, who can only dream about the power to cook a meal, light their homes or purify the water they drink.  And all of this, at an affordable cost.

Here at HydroStar, we can make dreams come true!

HydroStar - Adaptive & Distinctive

Our product adaptability makes a distinctive statement to the global Hydrogen market, combine that with the technology to produce 98% pure GREEN Hydrogen; it makes HydroStar a European and Global winner.  


With us, a 50kW HydroSol is a starting block that builds into a 1MW HydroPod, which can then be configured to expand to make in excess of 100MW units; this means we can deliver at ALL market levels, with ALL downstream technologies covering ALL Hydrogen hungry industries.

The European market breakdown can be seen in the infographic right.

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hydrogen market

The European Viewpoint

Fundamentals and Economic Benefits.

In Europe the transition to a decarbonized energy system is underway and will require Hydrogen on a large scale, resulting in economic benefits for all (see right).

In the EU (and globally) the conviction that hydrogen is required is based on three fundamental arguments:


1. Hydrogen is the best (or only) choice for at-scale decarbonization of the selected segments in transport, industry, and buildings.

2. Hydrogen will play a systemic role in the transition to renewable energy sources by providing a mechanism to flexibly transfer energy across sectors, time, and place.

3.The transition to hydrogen is aligned with customer preferences and convenience.

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Hydrogen as Fuel in the EU

The HydroPod Filling Station

Let's look at one EU market, the Hydrogen Cell used in transportation, more closely.

HydroStar are a fundamental part of this plan, providing GREEN H2 on demand!

The Hydrogen Council forecasts that by 2050, hydrogen will power more than 400 million passenger cars worldwide and up to 20 million trucks and 5 million buses.

It expects hydrogen technologies to provide 18% of the world's total energy needs by that time, with the annual sales generated from the hydrogen fuel cell market reaching $2.5 trillion while creating 30 million jobs globally.

EU Existing Feedstock Uses

HydroStar Feedstock Appropriate

Most of the hydrogen currently produced is used as a feedstock to make other materials due to its chemical rather than energy properties. In the EU, 325 TWh of hydrogen becomes feedstock every year, mostly in the refining and chemical production industries.

As the global market evolves and develops HydroStar has the ability to supply GREEN Hydrogen in all sectors. 


Our products are scalable, flexible and affordable, a true ally to the environment, surrounded by a team with a wealth of knowledge in Hydrogen production, logistics, planning and global business.

We are waiting to hear from you to discuss an environmental path forward.

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